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Terms & Conditions

By using No Worries Cleaning Company you accept our terms and conditions.


  • Agrees to clean the customers’ windows on a regular basis, as specified at commencement of contract.  
  • Our pure water window cleaning system can clean your windows in all weather conditions; including heavy rain and temperature above 0 degrees this will not affect the standard of the window clean. 
  • All work is covered by a NO WORRIES MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.   
  • Will take reasonable care to clean windows, with little or no inconvenience to the customer. 
  • Will take reasonable care not to damage the customer’s property, and will inform the customer of any damage caused while cleaning is taking place. 
  • We accept no responsibility for decorative leaded windows that comes loose. This is normally due to the adhesive not bonding correctly during installation, not window cleaning.  
  • Our minimum contract for regular window cleaning is 3 cleans.   
  • Will not be responsible for removal paint, concrete, mortar or unusual none mineral based contaminants from the windows.   
  • May refuse to clean window if doing so will cause damage to the customer’s property or may cause an unsafe working environment for the operator.  
  • We can provide a free text alert service to our customers, notifying of our intention to carry out work the day before so access is available.   


  • Will make available access to all areas of their property for cleaning.   
  • Will contact us a soon as reasonably possible if they are any way dissatisfied.  
  • Will pay for work carried within 7 days of completion. Payments can be made by cash collection (on day or as arranged) PayPal, bank transfer, pingit.   
  • Failure to pay may result in withdrawal of services.    
  • Will provide 1 months notice of intention to cancel contract, either verbally or in writing.   
  • Will notify the company of any objection to windows being cleaned in all weather conditions.   
  • Will ensure all sills are clear and free of obstacles for inside cleaning.  


If you are not completely happy with the quality of our cleaning, notify us within a reasonable period of time (no later than the weekend after completion of work). We return re-clean free of charge. If after the re-clean you are still unhappy we will refund you 100% of the amount paid NO WORRIES.

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