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Window Cleaning

Using the latest pure water technology, we can reach ALL windows

What is pure water technology?

Using sterile de-ionised water, surfaces can be cleaned without the use of detergents or chemicals. Because the surface is so sterile dirt and bacteria take longer to accumulate between cleans, resulting in less visits by us!!

What are the benefits?

It makes our lives easier, and health and safety a breeze, due to using telescopic poles to reach windows on upper levels, eliminating the use of ladders and the added safety factor for both us and our clients. With windows staying cleaner for longer, not to mention the reduced impact on the environment due to not using detergents and chemicals, it’s the best choice for you!

Advantages of using our reach and wash service


  • no need for detergent 
  • de-ionized water attacks dirt on contact 
  • leaves a streak free finish 
  • keeps windows cleaner for longer  
  • windows need cleaning less frequently 
  • frames cleaned at no extra cost!  

Guttering & Conservatory Roof Cleaning

gutter_cleaningClean & clear gutters are an important part of your house water proofing system. Debris collects in your gutters (leaves, moss, even birds nests) which cause blockages. This can lead to water overflowing onto your walls which may cause damp. Also the fuller your gutters are, the heavier they become, which can put stress on the brackets holding them to the wall.



gutter_clearingAs well as clearing your gutters we can also wash them clean, removing mould and algae, improving the appearance of your property.





conservatory_roof_window_cleaningConservatory roofs often get neglected, dirt, mould and algae build up. Using de-ionizing water, the dirt and grime is removed without harm to the roof. Not only does it clean, it stays clean longer, making this process more economical to use.




Our service is available in Scunthorpe and surrounding areas, postcodes DN15 | DN16 | DN17

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What some of our clients say…

I would recommend Iain as a window cleaner to anyone, I have used him from the first day of him starting after saying I would give him a one off trial as I was a bit wary of this new type of window cleaning but I was delighted with the results and he has been cleaning them ever since which is about 3 years, he is reliable, friendly and above all regular and now he has added other services to his list including gutter clearing/cleaning which I have also had done with excellent results, I wish Iain all the best with his business in the future and hope he will be cleaning my windows for a long time to come.

Hilary D | Window Customer

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